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Welcome to "Get Iowans Computing"

We are working to give a free learning resource

by providing Julia Language, Markdown Language,

and Pluto Notebooks.

​​Drop back in to see our progress.

If you are ready to start and If you have an

up-to-date browser, clicking this link will

bring up a sample notebook.

It will take several minutes to place the

computing environment in a container.

Removing Obstacles to Get Iowans Computing There is renewed interest in teaching Iowans computer skills. Two key things are necessary to make meaningful progress. Iowa must reward workers and citizens who have computational skills. Iowans need computational resources to be freely available. We can learn from the success of Dartmouth College in the 1960's. Two key things were developed to foster public computer use. A simple language called BASIC allowed an easy entry point. Just as important was the implementation of computer time sharing. Long jobs were briefly interrupted to slip in hundreds of small jobs. Students had a good expectation of seeing timely results. Over a wide geographic area, high school students were introduced to computing. Learned skills, to be worthwhile and lasting, must be followed with long term opportunities to freely use them. Knowing that the computing platform does not go away the day the class ends is key to sustain learners. We must insure continued access and learning.

A Minimal Resource -- Serving Many Levels -- Over The Years Julia is a promising new language that gives an intuitive entry point. Speed with ease to move between popular languages support choosing it. Pluto notebook can run on any device with an up-to-date web browser. A notebook features code along with images and technical writing. A wide range of use lets students progress keeping the same platform. Pluto teaches multiple technical, artistic, and communication skills. Without these tools, increased teaching efforts will be uneconomical. Computing can be learned and used through the web on existing devices. Chromebooks and phones, now in students hands, are all that is needed. Success will follow from enthusiasm generated by multi-use notebooks that allow interactivity with mathematics, art, music, and science. Our goal is to attract and keep a wide range of Iowans computing.

Age Levels -- Teacher Training -- Using a Few Sessions in Classes more to come

1) Starting -- Sending and Saving -- Using Mark down more to come

2) Adding and Running Code Cells -- Using Additional Packages more to come

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