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Score Card Tips

  • Record your games and practices for improvement and motivation. 

  • Print, fold, and tape your Score Card to a disc with blue painter's tape.

  • Use vertical lines | to mark unspecified throws.   Use + for bonus paces.

  • /=Hyzer  -=Flat  \=Anhyzer  >=Turnover  O=Roller  S=S  T=Thumber

  • _=Forehand   .=Putt   x=Penalty    Mark putt types as shown below.

  • .S=Spin   .P=Push   .H=Hybrid   .T=Turbo   .J=Jump.

  • Make an ID list of your discs so that you can record them.

Score Card -- one per page    Download and Print File

Score Card -- 3 per page side
      Download and Print on both sides of a sheet
Flip on the long edge

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