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Disc Golf at
Yellow Smoke Park

Crawford Country Iowa

We are proud to sponsor Disc Golf at Denison Iowa.

  The facility accommodates advanced and recreational players.

 Disc Golf is a fantastic individual and group sport.

Experience this activity in the amazing loess hills of western Iowa.        

View UP train basket 2.jpg

Basket 2 -- Union Pacific crossing the East Boyer River Valley

Official Logos Block Yellow Smoke 1 page resized.jpg

Yellow Smoke Disc Golf

2237 Yellow Smoke Road

 Denison, IA 51442


Near Tee 4  --  Terraced Crop Land


Basket 5 -- Marvel At Our Burr Oak Savanna


Basket 4 -- What Do You Think of Our Mach 7 DGA Baskets?

Disc Golf Entrance Tee 1 Tan Creti Mason.jpg

Signs Going Up at Tee 1 -- Yellow Smoke Nature Center

Score Card 3PerPage Practice Basket 9.jpg
  • Record your games and practices for improvement and motivation. 

  • Print, fold, and tape your Score Card to a disc with blue painter's tape.

  • Use vertical lines | to mark unspecified throws.   Use + for bonus paces.

  • Download and print our score card from these buttons.

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